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    • Telemonitoring

    Patients living with a chronic illness require daily medical attention, and leading edge technology can greatly enhance the services provided. For example, a telemonitoring system can significantly reduce the need for unnecessary hospitalizations, physician visits and emergency care, and it brings great peace-of-mind to patients and family members.

    Oxford HealthCare was the first to bring telemonitoring to southwest Missouri, and since 2002, we have monitored more than 7,000 patients with tremendous outcomes. An internal study of high risk patients shows those using the monitor had 47% fewer hospital admissions, 59% reduction in the number of emergency room visits, and 57% fewer hospitalization days.

    Oxford's innovative use of telemonitoring has set standards locally, regionally and nationally. The results of Oxford's program have been so dramatic that a group from the leading healthcare company in many major countries throughout Europe and Asia visited Oxford to talk about ways they could implement a similar program overseas.

    What is Telemonitoring?

    Telemonitoring is an easy to use medical device or monitor that produces a complete overview of a patient’s health status by gathering vital signs and other health information daily in the comfort of home. This information is transmitted via phone line to Oxford HealthCare where a nurse reviews the information and responds according to parameters set by the patient’s physician. Telemonitoring is expanding and improving the manner in which physicians are able to evaluate and respond to their patients’ medical conditions.

    Who Should use Telemonitoring?

    • Patients with recent hospitalizations or emergency room visits for existing chronic conditions.
    • Anyone with a condition requiring frequent monitoring of vital signs.
    • Patients with chronic illness requiring self-monitoring.
    • Patients with a history of poor compliance with diet or medications.
    • Women experiencing high-risk pregnancies.

    What are the Benefits of Telemonitoring?

    • Provides tremendous peace of mind to patients and concerned family members knowing that a professional is monitoring the patient daily and communicating pertinent information to the physician.
    • Identifies potential problems earlier.
    • Prevents more serious illnesses as well as unnecessary physician visits, hospitalizations and emergency room visits.
    • Helps patients stay in the comfort of home.
    • Encourages patient self-management and reinforces lifestyle changes.

    Telemonitoring and other technologies improve the quality of life and provide peace-of-mind for patients and their family members

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